Things that make me smile

When I see things like this, it not only makes me smile but also makes me feel like I want to be a better person.

I think we all have opportunities to be nicer and make people’s days. We can extend a helping hand, incorporate someone who may be feeling left out, or help an old person with their groceries. These little opportunities are right in front of us but we miss them because we are too busy worrying about the future, involved in our own lives or just being ignorant to our environment.

Just a reminder: acts of kindness don’t need to be big, pre-planned or expensive. A million things can put smiles on faces. Let’s go do it!


A whole new world – or view on how to look at marketing and branding

This video really changed the way I looked at the approach that I had to my company’s branding and my self branding strategy as well.

I love how he simply explains the most complicated things; most educating 18 minutes I’ve spent in a long time!

How much is your personal network worth?

This post just changed my perspective on how I spend my time.

Seek, Plunnge and more...

In one of the workshops I did for my students last year, I asked them to take a blank sheet of paper and fill their overall net worth. I then walked out of the class because I didn’t want them to ask questions and crowd their minds. I came back after few minutes and saw everyone eagerly waiting for me. I walked around and read their answers. Most wrote “XXX rupees in the bank” or a combination of “money in the bank and a property which could be self-owned or parental”. One student was obviously a big fan of financial modeling and neatly tabulated the assets on one side, subtracted the loans on the other and gave an exact number in the middle. I had expected these answers. I then told my class “tear these sheets away. Take a fresh sheet of paper and fill your overall net worth that…

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My journey to becoming a morning person

Becoming a morning person was never a dream, a wish or even a thing on my to do list till recently – when I realized just what I was missing out on [happiness, productivity, the sun-rise, success, etc].

Its been a month or so since I have been up before 6.30 – without an alarm. Having a morning playlist that energizes me and gets me going was really useful in my journey.

Here are a few tracks that are vedic mantras or chants for the early morning. They are supposed to bring positive energy and calm the mind. They have worked beautifully for me!

1. Sri Venkateshwara Suprabatam

I have early memories of waking up to this song when I was a kid. On the days this song would play, our house would feel cleaner, happier and more energetic.

2. This one is beautiful too

3.  This is a remix of the first one, except with music!

4. This one is supposed to be really powerful, and even believed to be a healing prayer. Listening/saying it 108 times in the morning is supposed to have immense benefits.

Hope you enjoy it!