You are your contribution to this world

This is such an inspirational video – that reinstates my belief that being your true self is the biggest contribution to this world.

The special way we see things, the specific things that life has taught us, the conversations that changed the way we live, think or look at the world have immense potential to change the lives of others too.

I love how a simple idea of sharing your daily experiences, your home can make a big impact of so many that are involved.

True entrepreneurship works like this – taking a simple idea and taking it to millions.

This is definitely on my do to list when I go to Mumbai! Must check it out, Dharavi!


Single Hellos

Single Hellos

This word, hello, followed by a quick question has earned me many friends in the recent past.

The thing that stands between me and this word – is the fear of more than one kinds, specifially of being rejected, of running into creeps, of “what will he/she think?”.

I have learned a few things, maybe you would like to know:

1. Every single person I said hello to has said hi back to me.
2. Yes, I have met some creeps – but they are easy to filter out. =D
3. What will they think? Well, apparently nothing bad – because so many cool friends have come from it!

So – take that leap of faith and go strike up that conversation with that interesting person you see. You never know just who you might have missed.

Happy holidays, and let me know if it works for you!

Today, you are.

I was cleaning out my desk the other day, and I found an insane number of business cards. Atleast 1000.

This really got me thinking – we know so many people. We touch so many lives, and we don’t even know it.

We never know when we’re being watched. I think we are all more inspiring than we think.

Go out and share your story. It would make a world of a difference. One little inspiration at a time.