dry ingredients step one of coffee body scrub

DIY Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee is good for waking you up in the morning, but did you know that coffee can wake up your skin too? Some of the coolest things coffee can do when applied to the skin are:

  1. Coffee minimises the appearance of cellulite!
  2. Its a great exfoliator for the skin
  3. Leaves the skin looking smooth and bright!
  4. Reduces puffiness of the skin – great for treating under-eye bags!
  5. Contains anti-oxidants that benefit the skin

Great news, its pretty easy to involve coffee into your regular skin care routine. It can be converted into a great scrub that will leave your skin feeling glowing and healthy.


  • 1/2 cup of freshly ground coffee
  • 1/2 cup of brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup of Olive oil [a little bit less will do]
  • 2 teaspoons of cinnamon powder

Simple ingredients for your DIY coffee body scrub! Coffee, brown sugar, olive oil and ground cinnamon!


1.  Pour dry ingredients into a bowl

Ensure that your coffee, sugar and cinnamon powder are finely ground before this step. Else, pulse in the mixer for a few seconds to get the right consistency like in the picture below. 

dry ingredients step one of coffee body scrub

2. Add olive oil and stir

Add the olive oil and stir till you get the right consistency. You may require a little less or a little more olive oil so add it in slowly. Please note, its best to use your hands for this step.. plus, your hands get a free scrub in the process!


Final product - finished soffee body scrub

3. Store!

Store your freshly made coffee scrub in a jar and use in the shower. 


Please be careful when it comes to the drain, you may clog it with the coffee. Using a filter over the drain can help prevent this. 

Do you have any other home-remedies using coffee? Write in to us and let us know! 

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3 things women should never forget

1. You are perfect, just the way you are

Almost every woman has wished at some point that she could look like a cover girl. Perfect hair, flawless skin, toned body and chiseled features. Having said that, if you really got to be a cover girl, would you like what you saw?

Surprisingly, probably not. Let’s embrace the lovely little flaws we have. The freckles over our noses, tanned skin, teeth that could be just a little straighter. Its what makes us unique. Its what makes us beautiful.

I have learned that when you are comfortable in your own skin; there is something that is instantly attractive about you. Wherever you go, people will notice you for who you are. Let’s embrace our so called imperfections – they all tell a story – the story that moulded us into the strong women we are today.

2. Strong, smart women only intimidate weak men

Always stay true to your strong smart self – who needs weak men in our lives anyway?

3. Its ok to take time out for yourself

I know there are so many things that women have to do. With families, kids, work and a million responsibilites I often find women feeling guilty to take out time for themselves. Well, when you feel that way – remember the most important piece of this whole thing you call life lies in you being healthy, you being strong and you pulling it together. Nothing like a happy, healthy body to do it for you!

Happy women’s day! Stay beautiful!

The most beautiful traffic jam

I was damn irritated. It was Eid, a holiday for almost everyone in my country, but my boss had decided that since no one on our team is a Muslim, we didn’t need the day off. So here I was, early in the morning, trying to get to work on time – with this festive atmosphere around me.

And that was when it happened. The huge mosque started the prayer. The cars and bikes infront of me started to slow down, and the thousands of men and boys – made their way to the mosque for prayers.

I was weaving my way through traffic – ‘DON’T GET STUCK. DON’T SLOW DOWN. JUST KEEP MOVING.’

Finally, there was no hope and there I was. The irritated little me – stuck in a traffic jam. The mosque was full, and the devout believers started to lay down their mats on the road and started praying. And, then – the way I look at traffic jams changed for ever.

An old man, had a walking stick in one hand, and the hand of a little toddler in the other. They stopped in front of my bike – and then, this little boy took their mat out from under his arm and laid it on the floor, took his grandfather’s walking stick and leaned it against my bike, and helped his grandfather kneel on the floor so they could pray together.

It was beautiful.  It put a smile on my face that even a whole day of working on a holiday couldn’t wipe off.

That was the only time I have found so much of beauty in a thing that makes me cringe. Sometimes, its all about seeing with different eyes. The world is so full of love. We just need to look for it.