The cure for laziness

I get bitten by the lazy bug every once in a while …… actually, its more often than I would like. So, I have been on the search for the cure of laziness. And this is what I’ve found:

1. Have a vision.

This vision must be so compelling that you must really really really want to achieve it. It could be a work goal, fitness goal, health goal – anything. For me – it started out with a big one: To be a dream coach.

As a dream coach – I’d help people to get to their dreams. By helping them, plan, organize, get them in touch with the right people, stand by as a pillar of support through execution, be a source of motivation and inspiration, be a shoulder to cry on [sometimes that’s needed too in a dreamer’s journey] and be a smiling face.

It gets me up every morning – and gets me working every day. Just to be one step closer to making that dream come true.

2. Discipline

I cannot stress this more. There are many, many days when I have a whole lot of things to do [mostly boring jobs that need to get done] – and I just don’t feel like getting to work.

So when vision, motivation, inspiration and all these other things don’t work – discipline works like a charm. It may sound boring – but honestly – even the most boring work doesn’t seem so bad once you start.

To be a disciplined person, you just need to grow your will power.

Note: Hitting the gym is a great way to do that. 20 counts means 20. Not 10 [when the pain sets in], not 15 [when you can really feel the burn] but at 20. When you said you would finish.

These two things – are fabulous cures to laziness. Did it work for you?


Last Minute Frenzy

Last Minute Frenzy

I have always been a true lover of the last minute. There is always so much to do, so much going on and it is absolutely exciting….. or used to be till recently.

Going back in time – there was this book that my dad gifted to me while I was in school – “The seven habits of highly effective teens” by Sean Coovey. In that book, he categorized people into 4 categories:

1. The Slacker
2. The “Yes” Man
3. The Procrastinator
4. The Prioritizer

As I read through the descriptions – I had a choice to make – weather I’d rather live the crazy, fun filled, too much to do life of the procrastinator; or the neat, organized life of the prioritizer.

Well, the choice was easy. Who wants to have everything in order and never get to feel the rush of the last minute? So – the decision was made- and I was living the perfect procrastinator’s life – but now. It has caught up with me.

My schedule really has too many things in it – and I can’t make the time for all those things I love. Maybe its time to change quadrants.

The life of the prioritizer seems like more fun now – I can get everything done without the stress.

Now – I am going to get my life in order. Plan. Organize. Execute.

Any suggestions on how?