You are your contribution to this world

This is such an inspirational video – that reinstates my belief that being your true self is the biggest contribution to this world.

The special way we see things, the specific things that life has taught us, the conversations that changed the way we live, think or look at the world have immense potential to change the lives of others too.

I love how a simple idea of sharing your daily experiences, your home can make a big impact of so many that are involved.

True entrepreneurship works like this – taking a simple idea and taking it to millions.

This is definitely on my do to list when I go to Mumbai! Must check it out, Dharavi!


3 things women should never forget

1. You are perfect, just the way you are

Almost every woman has wished at some point that she could look like a cover girl. Perfect hair, flawless skin, toned body and chiseled features. Having said that, if you really got to be a cover girl, would you like what you saw?

Surprisingly, probably not. Let’s embrace the lovely little flaws we have. The freckles over our noses, tanned skin, teeth that could be just a little straighter. Its what makes us unique. Its what makes us beautiful.

I have learned that when you are comfortable in your own skin; there is something that is instantly attractive about you. Wherever you go, people will notice you for who you are. Let’s embrace our so called imperfections – they all tell a story – the story that moulded us into the strong women we are today.

2. Strong, smart women only intimidate weak men

Always stay true to your strong smart self – who needs weak men in our lives anyway?

3. Its ok to take time out for yourself

I know there are so many things that women have to do. With families, kids, work and a million responsibilites I often find women feeling guilty to take out time for themselves. Well, when you feel that way – remember the most important piece of this whole thing you call life lies in you being healthy, you being strong and you pulling it together. Nothing like a happy, healthy body to do it for you!

Happy women’s day! Stay beautiful!