6 things that made 2014 the best year of my life

Looking back at the year gone by, I really feel it was the most amazing year; and there are a few key things that changed to make it happen. Here they are!

1. Take on projects/responsibilities that scare you

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I started off the year by taking on the role of president at my Toastmasters club and ended the year – leaving the country for a month to work on costumes for a movie. Through the year my schedule was constantly full of responsibilities and commitments. There were times when I dreaded them and times that I loved having to check my schedule, but at the end of the year all I can say was:

… Because now I know that I am stronger, more talented and more things are in my reach than I ever imagined. 

… Because confidence comes from hitting targets, reaching new goals and learning how to deal with unfamiliar situations with ease. 

2. Travel. Travel. Travel.


In January I set off on a road trip to Gujrat with my family and will end the year with a short trip to Mumbai. With an international trip in between, hitting the beaches atleast 4 times this year and plenty of travel with friends for pleasure and travel with work – I feel like the little wanderer in me is satisfied with the places seen, the people met and the memories that are etched in my mind forever.

A few things that I will remember forever are:

a) In Malaysia I went to a Muay Thai competition, sitting amongst locals [who didn’t speak english] and learnt that I was sitting with one of the boxers’ family. They taught me a lot about the game, and now I had a home team to cheer for! I even learnt some Malay.

b) The most beautiful sunrise – that changed the walls of the (half cave?) hill we were standing at from a beige to yellow, orange, red, pink and even shades of purple!

… Because travel leaves you enriched, refreshed, and a better person.

… Because travel teaches you how to deal with different kinds of people 

… Because travel leaves you with more stories to tell, and makes you a better conversationalist. 

3. Give. A lot. Of time, affection, gifts.

Spending time with those you love and giving them your undivided time, affection and thoughtful gifts will make your year filled with moments of happiness and images of smiles that you will never forget.


… Because there’s nothing more important than healthy, love-filled relationships

… Because happiness is the happiness of those you love

4. Do things you’ve never done before

Whether it is something like signing up for a marathon coaching class, learning to surf, organising a vacation or giving someone who is not really your type a chance – doing things you have never done before will help you explore more about who you are. It also will put a smile on your face when you realise that your year is filled with little memories!


… Because new is always fun. 

5. Make new friends. Lots. All kinds. From different walks of life.

Now this one seems a little difficult – because before this year – I had no way to meet new people. I had the same job, went to the same gym, hung out with the same friends, lived in the same neighbourhood, went to the same toastmasters club. But this year – taking on new roles like president at toastmasters, joining a tennis class, signing up for the accelerator program and taking on a movie project introduced a whole lot of fresh blood.

Doing new things and taking on new roles will open up the flood gates!


… Because new people bring in new ideas, new stories and much learning. 

6. Be yourself. Speak the truth. Stand up for what you believe in.

Once you start treating yourself the way you want to be treated, and set your standards by speaking the truth and standing up for the things you believe in – all the right things will come into your life.

Sometimes telling the truth is scary. Sometimes standing up for something means you’ll be all alone in a crowd. But, at the end of the day – you will be so much prouder of yourself and respect will be given.


… Because there’s nothing cooler than being yourself

So here are some .. new year’s resolutions that I had put together for the year of 2014. Planning to make another amazing list for the year of 2015!

Are there any resolutions that changed your life? Any that I should try for 2015? Would love to hear from you!

Happy December!


2 thoughts on “6 things that made 2014 the best year of my life

  1. Ajay Chitharanjan :) says:

    Veryl well said Sheetal. Simple events, Great insights 🙂
    This is a classic example of inspiration coming out of lil things as well, not necessarily only by moving mountains!

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