Smart Phones, Dumb people

It so often happens that my battery is dead, or my internet isn’t connecting; and suddenly I get this feeling of being all alone. No one to reach out to, so few I can call to just catch up and even fewer to randomly meet. For these moments when your Facebook and Twitter aren’t buzzing with updates, I stop to think: is social media making me antisocial?

I think back to the time when social media didn’t exist and how life used to be. I used to be surrounded by friends, and used to make a lot more memories. Here are some of the most conflicting thoughts swimming around in my head:

1. I love: being able to share updates of my life with my friends.

The problem with this is, that facebook has been accused time and again of deciding who it shows your information to. Eventually your updates may only be going out to people you don’t want. A better option is to talk to your friends over the phone, meet them in person, or if distance is a problem, then skype.

2. I love: Knowing what’s up in other people’s lives:

If you want to know for gossip or news update then fine. But, if you really want to share someone’s joys and be there for people when the going gets tough, social media isn’t going to work out.

I love the video and it really made me think.


I’ve challenged myself to keep up to these things till the end of the month:

1. To be fully present when I am with people. Tuck away my phone and put it on silent.

2. To call/meet/skype my loved ones instead of texting them.

3. If I hear something exciting about what’s happened to a friend on social media; instead of commenting, I’ll message or call.

Do you want to take the challenge with me? I’ll let you know how it goes!


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