Who is he to you?

Today, I had the most unforgettable experience. I was driving to work, listening to some happy music –  in a great mood I was least bothered by traffic, the people that cut in front of me and those who suddenly slammed on their brakes. I was thinking about what a lovely place this world is, and how everyone could be happy if everyone was nicer to each other.

Suddenly, at the signal – a man threw this lady onto the bonnet of my car and was beating her black and blue. 

Before I knew what was happening – I was out of my car standing between these two people – the man who was hitting and the transvestite that was being hit. As I was telling this man that its not right to hit someone, he said something to me that has been stuck in my head all day. 

He asked me: “Who is he to you?” 

The truth was: he was no one to me. No one special. He was just a person – and that is enough right? 

I wonder how we go through life – dividing people into OUR PEOPLE – and nobody’s. And if we do that – what matters more? How you treat nobody’s or how you treat your loved ones? Or is everyone equal? If we treat everyone as equal, is it fair to the ones we love?  

What do you think?





2 thoughts on “Who is he to you?

  1. Enfield88 says:

    I think that one act of unity does not go a long way. Especially in such a big city. When it comes to smaller communities a feeling of oneness can exist. Such an act can be an eyeopening experience for you but is just a “butting in” instance for the other. It wil lbe forgotten and discord and indifference will settle again.

    • sbahirat says:


      You know what, you’re right. One act of kindness doesn’t change the world; and people will forget. But – I’d like to believe that sometimes the smallest things can change someone’s life.

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