The 3 letter word that can take you out of your comfort zone

The 3 letter word that can take you out of your comfort zone

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. A great saying by those who have learned how to jump, dive, roll and walk straight out of their comfort zone into the things that lie beyond, things like happiness, joy, success, learning, love and the feeling of being alive.

It sure is beautiful, but how do you get there. Well, recently – I have discovered that this 3 letter word that we use so often can really help get you there. Its so simple.

Just say: YES.

A friend wants you to do something new? Say yes. A single step forward in a new direction can open up a world of possibilities.

A friend wants to set you up with someone, but you’re not that kind of person? Say yes – and see what happens. You may end up meeting someone really fun, a good friend, the love of your life.

See a stranger that you want to start a conversation with, and your mind is screaming no – say yes and do it anyway. A single hello can start a million conversations.

Wheather its new responsibilities, conversations, or travels – this 3 letter word can change your world.


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