Where happiness and inspiration hide

Where happiness and inspiration hide

The past two weeks have been weird weeks for me. I say weird – because they were pretty normal; except this lovely happiness and inspiration I wake up to had suddenly disappeared.

It was like waking up on the wrong side of the bed – everyday.

When I wake up, I normally feel – excited to take on the day. I’m looking forward to meeting my clients, getting some work done, learning something new, hitting the gym… that list goes on.

And just imagine that one morning: BOOM. Everything you love and are excited about – isn’t so interesting anymore.

The idea of getting work done feels like an albatross around your neck, and all those beautiful inspirational quotes and ideas fail to motivate you like they do every morning.

I waited patiently for a day, two days and then I remembered: If inspiration does not come to you, go after it with a club.

So – by the end of the first week, there I was, club in hand; dead in the middle of the pursuit of happiness and inspiration. With no idea where to look for these elusive things that are supposed to “live inside us”, the same question kept coming to my head.

“If happiness and inspiration are supposed to be inside me, and they have DISAPPEARED – is there ANY chance that I can get them back once they’re gone?”

I tried everything I could think of. I read blogs. Went through a million quotes. Looked up inspirational music. Looked up pictures with quotes written on them. And even some of my favorite quotes that I had downloaded to post here [but never got around to] didn’t give me the push I wanted.

Finally the answer came to me – in the two most unlikely places.

1. The Kitchen

[No, not junk food. Health food would be a better bet.]

Now – this place may differ for you. The kitchen for me was unexplored territory. I had never made a full and complete meal by myself – the idea of cooking a meal that I love got me out of bed with a big smile on my face.

So – if you are looking for a little refresher, and some inspiration or happiness; I suggest venturing into unexplored territory. Do something you’ve never done before. It’s really refreshing and helps your body reset and the things you normally love will start looking exciting again.

2. In the classroom

I am not a student, and I haven’t been for a long long time. But I recently signed up for a really interesting study-at-home short term course on http://www.coursera.org.

Learning something new, attempting to solve new problems [though assignments], wanting to learn and explore new concepts has put me back up on my toes.

I think I always knew this – that learning new things and going on an adventure [even if it was just to the kitchen] kept me young. What I didn’t know, was that it kept me happy and inspired.

Looking back at the past two weeks, I feel that lyrics of the song ‘Happiness’ by The Fray make so much sense to me: “Gone for now feels a lot like gone for good.”

If you are in the pursuit of happiness – just remember that there are two places where happiness and inspiration hide – amidst those millions of things in your unexplored territory, and outside your comfort zone.

Keep calm and keep trying new things, things that you never thought you’d do, or things that scare you [in a good way]. I’m sure that something will spark that love for life that you have temporarily forgotten.


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