Are you making this mistake?

Are you working out – giving it your all – but nothing seems to be happening?

Well, you may be making a few simple mistakes.

1. Eating Unhealthy

What you eat is so much more important than I thought. Turns out 70% of the way your body looks and feels is based on what you eat. 30% includes exercise and other things. 70% is way more than I ever imagined, so this came as a real shocker to me.

Working out all week, and cheating heavily on the weekends could be a big reason why you aren’t seeing any changes.

2. Not drinking enough water

I always knew I didn’t get the amount of water I needed, and honestly – I felt fine. Or so I thought. The first week or two after I started counting my intake – I spent a lot of time filling up my water bottle, drinking water and rushing to the loo – but it was so worth it.

  • Muscles are mostly made of water – so – drinking enough water gives them more definition, and my workouts improved. They say water helps reduce muscle fatigue as well.
  • Skin Benefits: I always believed that I had dry skin. Well, guess what – it wasn’t dry skin – it was dehydration. I rarely use moisturizer any more – because I don’t need it and my skin is glowy-er too.
  • c. Knowing my kidneys and liver will thank me for this in the future.

3. This is the most important one: Not being in control of your meals.

Yes. This is the biggest excuse most of us give – I can’t because – I eat at the canteen, someone else does the cooking, I don’t have time so I eat out.

Not being in control of what is being cooked is the biggest mistake you can make if you really want to be healthy. Even if someone who loves you [a mother, a wife, husband, room mate] is cooking for you – there are a few main reasons why you should get involved in the process:

  • They may not know that what they are putting into your meals is affecting you. Just a little bit of oil over a week will make a substantial part of your calorie intake by the end of the week.
  • Sometimes – the healthy way is the harder way. If you need to have steamed veggies at night – someone’s gotta buy them, wash them, chop them – you get the idea. It can be a lot of effort for someone who isn’t as committed as you are – at the end of the day – its their energy, time and effort!
  • Belief systems: I have this issue with my Mom [who used to do all the cooking for me because I didn’t have time, and also I didn’t know how to cook] – she used to believe that carbs at night [in the form of white rice] was ok – because her ancestors and all the people alive that she knows have been doing it for years. I’ve explained it to her a million times – but some times – belief systems are harder to change than anything else.

So – the solution?

1. Keep a track of the amount of water you drink. I try to get though 1 liter by 12 noon so that I get my daily requirement by default by the time the day is through.

2. Learn to cook. [I’m just about starting this journey, and if you hate the idea of cooking – like me – maybe, just maybe this can change your mind.]


4 thoughts on “Are you making this mistake?

  1. Grace says:

    so true! i have a lot of friends who complain about not losing weight but they’re not willing to change their eating habits! great post. 🙂

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