The True Power

The True Power

Who are you?

This is a question that has baffled mankind for centuries. I don’t know if anyone really had the answer to that question, but ever since I got introduced to meditation and self discovery- I’ve found that I am much happier, much more at peace and feel much more in control of my life.

For me, finding myself meant analyzing my belief systems, accepting that life has ups and downs and taking them both in my stride and the ability to love myself and others [I’m still working on all 3, but I’m getting better].

Knowing yourself will provide you the opportunity to really love yourself, and be calm though times of happiness or sadness.

So – how do you start the process?

There may be a million ways to approach this, I choose the route of meditation.

Meditation really helped me introspect and cleared my mind. You can try it out:

Set your alarm for 20 min, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Do not force your breath or try to control it. Just observe it.

The mind will wander – and that’s ok. Just bring it back.

Gradually increase the time till you are meditating for an hour.

Eventually you can move on to more advanced forms of meditation.


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