5 ways to lose weight and keep it off

The weight loss dellusion

Weight loss. A trending topic that has so many people on their toes. The concept of weight loss can be difficult to deal with – losing weight isn’t easy, and the kind of choices that need to be made to make it happen are more difficult than we think.

Imagining a life full of healthy veggies, salads and hitting the gym can be quite intimidating. But no worries! Its simpler than it seems. Here are some simple things you can do to make weight loss funner, more meaningful, and long term.

1. Give up the idea of weight loss. Aim instead for a healthy lifestyle.

The idea of weight loss can be quite unhealthy and involve crash [insane] diets, intense [unsustainable] workouts at the gym, stress and binge eating on your cheat days.

Aim instead to live a healthy lifestyle. This will give you more freedom, more flexibility and also remove the stress that you can put on yourself to lose weight.

Achieving your ideal weight, being fitter, stronger, healthier, having an ideal muscle to fat proportion will all fall in place. It is sustainable and you can live healthy till your last breath! Leading to the second point:

2. Create one healthy habit every month

Just one simple switch – like cutting down on one spoon of sugar in your coffee, switching to brown bread, substituting fries for a salad…. [that list goes on] can make a huge difference. At the beginning of the month, it can seem a little difficult – but stick to it, and by the end of the month – you will have created a healthy habit that will last you a lifetime!

3. Find a kind of exercise you LOVE doing

Most of the time when I say exercise – I see eyes rolling, shoulders drooping and a look of boredom on the faces of those I am talking to. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring! Go find something you love doing.

Cycling, running, playing a sport, dancing, yoga, hitting the gym, aerobics. It may not be the best way to lose weight – but having a form of exercise that you love is a great way to get your body moving. It will also get you used to the feeling of living an active lifestyle.

The more serious training will happen automatically – when you want to get better. Which leads to point 4.

4. Set yourself a physical activity goal

There are always events that happen around every sport, marathons, dance recitals etc. Sign up for them!

They will make you train harder, get you in touch with your inner athlete and give you a way to measure how you are doing.

5. Support Network

This is one of the most important parts of living a healthy lifestyle. You need to surround yourself with people who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle too.

Most of the time – socializing can mean a night out of heavy drinking and tons of unhealthy food. Go out and have fun, but also consider your other options.

You can go for an adventurous trip, rock climbing, hiking, cycling etc. If you look hard enough – I’m sure there will be a million things to do that will leave you feeling refreshed!

My healthy living journey was changed by these tips. Its been 3 years now, and I feel healthier, stronger, fitter, more energetic and more beautiful than ever before.

I hope they work for you too! If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to ask me!


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