The secret to unlimited wealth

When I was a kid, my mom would tell me stories about the gods and goddesses who used to walk the earth once upon a time – long long ago. The stories were magical, and seemed so untrue. As I grew up, I started to doubt the stories and then at some point discredited them entirely.

Over the course of time – I have found – that the stories were not meant to be taken literally, but they were trying to teach us something.

I’ll share more of them with you when I can – but this one really made me think. I recently discovered it in a book I didn’t even knew I owned – called ‘Creating Affluence” by Deepak Chopra.

This is the introduction to the book- and it took me back in time. Here it is:

Once upon a time, in a far away land, a young man went to the forest and said to his spiritual master, “I want to have unlimited wealth, and with that unlimited wealth, I want to help and heal the world. Will you please tell me the secret to creating affluence?”

The spiritual master replied, “There are two Goddesses that reside in the heart of every human being. Everybody is deeply in love with these supreme beings. But there is a certain secret that you need to know, and I will tell you what that is.

Although you love both Goddesses, you much pay more attention to one of them. She is the Goddess of Knowledge and her name is Sarasvati. Pursue her, love her and give her your attention. The other Goddess, whose name is Lakshmi, is the goddess of wealth. When you pay more attention to Sarasvati, Lakshmi will become extremely jealous and pay more attention to you. The more you seek the Goddess of Knowledge, the more the Goddess of Wealth will seek you. She will follow you wherever you go and never leave you. And the wealth you desire will be yours forever”

There is power in knowledge, desire, and spirit.


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