Start a Fire?

Start a Fire?

How would you like to wake up at 5.30 every morning – excited to jump out of bed and go do something you really love?

I know that I struggle with waking up early – but I know people who are so passionate that they are looking forward to their 6.30 AM ritual.

A fun, fulfilled, passionate life doesn’t come without a little bit of effort.

But like Rumi [my favorite poet] says:

Set your life on fire – and seek those who fan your flames.

Setting your life on fire is all about having at least one thing every day that you LOVE. It can take a little effort, a lot of trial and error, but listen to your instincts – and they will lead you there.

Horse riding, dancing, swimming, running – there are a million possibilities. But waking up being excited sounds like the perfect way to live life.


10 thoughts on “Start a Fire?

  1. writingbolt says:

    Wouldn’t that be nice…getting up with the sun to ride a horse with or without someone that “fans my flames”. Dancing alone? How many do you know who wake “on fire”? I certainly don’t see as many online. I don’t run into many in my daily life. But, yes, that would be nice.

    • sbahirat says:

      I know quite a few people who wake up all excited about life – and its so refreshing to be around them! They are all guns blazing before many even wake up.

      Sometimes, I wake up this way – like an energizer bunny – but other times I need a push.

      It would be so lovely, wouldn’t it? To wake up to do something you love. I can’t wait to find my morning activity.

      • writingbolt says:

        I suppose if I had neighbors or even a roommate like that, I might be sadly jealous or sick to my stomach. It’s strange…I used to get up young, naive and full of something that I forget now. I recall being unwilling to go to school and wanting to spend my days drawing or loving a girl. Now, I see more grief and slavery. More scares and tragedies. More struggling and suffering. More lies and cheats. More waste. That STEALS my fire.

        When a pretty face is next to me, it’s impossible to sleep. But, if I could sleep and wake next to that pretty face, I’d surely get up with the sun and be full of eagerness to do…something.

        I suppose getting a good night’s rest matters. Unless you’re naturally a night person. I am more of a day person but my creativity often erupts when I am up “too late”. I just don’t like being out at night unless I am with someone I fully trust. The night can put a spell on me.

      • sbahirat says:

        Maybe surrounding yourself with people who spark that fire will help. If you can’t find them around you – no worries – be the fire. People will swarm around you!

      • writingbolt says:

        There was a time when I was all about being the fire. Though I never knew how or what I was doing. There was also a time when I had no fire. And, presently, my fire is but a flicker. Yes, I’d say surrounding myself with sparks would be a bit of a challenge. What about you? How is your fire?

      • writingbolt says:

        Well, if that really is your picture (which looks very model-esque), then I can see you being a fire whenever you smile. Big dreams are often the let down without sufficient fuel. People who dream smaller seem to take steps and get somewhere. Big dreamers are often disappointed. But, I suppose a healthy/generous imagination does keep one’s spirit alive. I live often in my bed at night:P

      • sbahirat says:

        Yes that’s my picture. And yes big dreams can lead to disappointment. But I’m working on mine, little steps at a time. Let’s see how it goes.

      • writingbolt says:

        I think, like you said, our successes or dream achievement may depend upon our own inner fires fed by how we grow/proceed through life AND what elements/individuals we have to feed us. Some may be more capable of changing their environments and enriching their “soil” than others.

        Ah, then I see your fire:)

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