How to combat depression

Ok, I gotta make a confession. Not major depression – minor depression. The kind that happens at the end of two days where nothing went your way.

So, here’s the background. I work from home. And for two days – everything that could possibly go wrong .. did. All those people I was really trying to avoid – showed up. I couldn’t sleep – and so I couldn’t work. VICIOUS CYCLE.

Well, luckily for me – I learned the process of how to combat minor depression and get straight out of that vicious cycle.

I had a personal training session at the gym today -with whom I would call “The local personal training hero. ” I was going to get to the gym, tell him that I was really depressed and that I CANNOT possibly do a full work out – I was willing to bargain for half a work out.

Luckily or unluckily for me – I was 5 min late. I got a dirty look – and off to the treadmill for my warm up. As soon as I was done – the training started.

So – here’s how to forget all about your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day:

1. Get yourself a strict personal trainer who you really look upto.

2. Push your limits with his or her help.

3. Get teased by people you don’t mind getting teased by.

4. Meet your best friend and have conversations about plans for the future.

5. Hot shower

6. Healthy, nutritious meal

7. BLOG!

And that – is the recipe for bidding bye bye to depression.


2 thoughts on “How to combat depression

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