The Biggest Difference

The Biggest Difference

From the time I was a kid, all i heard around me was – PLAN, PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. People love throwing that word around. But what does it really mean?

I started my own company, Revyv a couple years ago. I planned everything before I started. I had my business plan in my hand, cash flow statements, projected profit and loss accounts – you name it – it was planned. ….. Or so I thought.

Then harsh reality struck me. My plan said – sales of 10,000 in the first month. Sales of 20,000 in the second month etc.

Well, guess what happened? Suddenly – I had a plan and no action steps and no clue on how to reach my ultimate goal.

Well, I gave up on planning and decide to take life as it comes. But recently – I really understood what it means to PLAN something, and the difference between a goal and a plan.

A goal is what you want to achieve: Sales of 10,000 this month.

The plan should be about action steps that will get you there.

1. The number of people you need to reach out to
2. The ad campaigns you need to have running
3. Attend 3 networking events

When you break down your goals into actions steps you can take to make it happen – is when you have a plan.

Now that I learned this – I have been using it in every aspect of my life – and NOW, after all this time – I feel like I’m doing something with my wild and precious life.

Now. My schedule is full – of work things and fun things and family things. Now. I know what to work on every morning. And Now. I know what it means to be truly happy at the end of the day- because you are a whole day closer to reaching your goal.


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