Do we know what we want?

Do we know what we want?

I am a sucker for all things love. Being in love, meeting your soul mate, holding hands, long strolls, fun things to do together, the endless smiles when you see your love, happily ever after endings – the whole 9 yards. I always believed that love should be this wild passionate thing that just happens to you.

But at some point in life – when the love vibes are nearly nonexistent – the search and the journey to find the love of your life begins.

It generally starts with close friends and family asking you the classic question – “So, what do you want?”

…… After a long silence. I really have to ask myself … “So …. What DO I want?”

“A nice person, someone who lives a healthy life style [read: goes to the gym and eats healthy], someone interesting – who has a similar taste in music, a passionate person who is in love with their work, someone fun, someone who loves to travel…. [and the list goes on]”

And then – our people go out and find someone for us – who fits all the criteria that we mentioned. Ideally – BOOM. The sparks should fly and love should happen. Its everything we ever wanted.. right?

WRONG! Nothing happens. If we’re lucky we don’t find anything repulsive about the “chosen one.” The chances of sparks actually flying are so far and few.

It started to make me wonder – Do I even know what I want? I say these things like – I know, but in the end, I think its not these things that matter.

I think we can’t define what we want – because we are not looking for qualities or characteristics. We are looking for a kind of energy in our lives. Something that keeps us going, energizes us, and for lack of a better set of words – makes us better people.

Mad, wild, passionate, extraordinary love is all energies – and when they come near each other – a set of tiny explosions happen.


4 thoughts on “Do we know what we want?

  1. Bhanu says:

    if we did have one randomly-assigned perfect soul mate, A hundred billion or so humans have ever lived, but only seven billion are alive now.
    If we’re all paired up at random, 90% of our soul mates are long dead.

    But wait, it gets worse: A simple argument shows we can’t just limit ourselves to past humans; we have to include an unknown number of future humans as well!!

    Your love is one in a million
    You couldn’t buy it at any price.

    But of the 9.999 hundred thousand other loves,
    Statistically, some of them would be equally nice.

    – Tim Minchin

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