The most beautiful traffic jam

I was damn irritated. It was Eid, a holiday for almost everyone in my country, but my boss had decided that since no one on our team is a Muslim, we didn’t need the day off. So here I was, early in the morning, trying to get to work on time – with this festive atmosphere around me.

And that was when it happened. The huge mosque started the prayer. The cars and bikes infront of me started to slow down, and the thousands of men and boys – made their way to the mosque for prayers.

I was weaving my way through traffic – ‘DON’T GET STUCK. DON’T SLOW DOWN. JUST KEEP MOVING.’

Finally, there was no hope and there I was. The irritated little me – stuck in a traffic jam. The mosque was full, and the devout believers started to lay down their mats on the road and started praying. And, then – the way I look at traffic jams changed for ever.

An old man, had a walking stick in one hand, and the hand of a little toddler in the other. They stopped in front of my bike – and then, this little boy took their mat out from under his arm and laid it on the floor, took his grandfather’s walking stick and leaned it against my bike, and helped his grandfather kneel on the floor so they could pray together.

It was beautiful.  It put a smile on my face that even a whole day of working on a holiday couldn’t wipe off.

That was the only time I have found so much of beauty in a thing that makes me cringe. Sometimes, its all about seeing with different eyes. The world is so full of love. We just need to look for it.


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