The Little Red Notebook

The Little Red Notebook

This little red note book holds within it, the aspirations of a young entrepreneur. It contains all the secrets, thoughts, feelings and struggles of just another woman, and her extraordinary journey.

More than anything, at the threshold of this journey; I have learned, that when I put my best foot forward; I can be all that I aspire to be. This step though, brings with it many consequences. Being a better person than I was yesterday requires that I am no longer the same person.

This being a better, smarter, more talented person requires me to give up on only one thing: the fear of change, because when I am in the stage of transition I may not be sure of all the things around me- and more scarily of who I am. But, one step at a time, by taking on new challenges, by chasing my dreams and aspirations- I will learn on a daily basis who I really am, and the extent of my capabilities.

When a person grows, the things around them are naturally changed. Some grow with them, some become redundant, some things which seemed important no longer matter; but the surprising thing is: I have always known that.
Looking back at my life: At a certain point that toy- that specific toy and the means of acquiring it was an important issue. Later, it was the choice of my birthday cake. Later, the choice of movie to go to with my friends.

Now. I get to choose again, what it is that I want to be important; and as soon as that decision is made- I set my heart to it and run towards it. Because only I will know the joy of looking back at what I created, with a smile on my face, knowing that it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for me.

Now: I am MY inspiration.


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