Am I just a dreamer?

Am I just a dreamer?

Easier said than done?

I have been an avid dreamer my whole life – so much so that I can see- with extreme clarity – all my millions of dreams coming true. Big happy family, best seller books, video series, being a dream coach, helping others reach their goals in their toastmaster’s journey [now that I am the VP-E] … the first two steps seem to happen without any problems. Dream. Believe.

Now coming to the hard part – DO!

Whenever I get down to implementation – I always feel like I’m on a time crunch – too many things to do and not enough time. Simple planning and organisational techniques are sure to make my life easier, and help me make the most of every day!

If you are a dreamer like me – then I hope they help you out too!

Look out for my next post on tips that have helped me!


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